The error is reported when running a backup for a VSS-aware backup set and the backup will fail.


1. The "Remote Registry" service is not started on the backup target machine.

2. The master database has been included in backup selection for a VSS-aware SQL Server backup set and the database backup policy is set to "full+differential" ( DS-User > right-click on the backup set > Properties > Options ).

3. The mailbox database added to the backup items list ( vss-aware for Exchange backup set ) was renamed on Exchange side.

4. The "Circular logging" option is enabled for the mailbox database to be backed up.


1. Start the "Remote Registry" service on the backup target computer and run the backup again.

2. Reconfigure the database backup policy for that backup set or remove the master database from the backup selection.

3. Edit the backup set and remove the obsolete entry from the backup items list, then add the back the renamed database.

4. VSS-based backups are not supported for mailbox databases with the "Circular logging" option enabled, please disable this option in order to successfully backup Exchange with a VSS-Aware backup set.