In order to move VPG disks from one datastore to another, use the following procedure:

  1. From the VPG Summary screen, choose "Actions" > "Delete" - be sure to select the "keep the target disks at the peer site" option on the displayed popup!
  2. Once the VPG has been removed, without removing the disks at the peer site, you can safely move the replica volumes from their present datastore to the desired datastore via the vSphere Client console - in order to locate the desired volumes, have a look at the Recovery Volume Directory Structure solution.
  3. Once the volumes have been moved to the desired location, recreate the relevant VPG
  4. While configuring the VPG, refer to Preseeding Volumes to set up preseeding for the relevant volumes
  5. Once the VPG has been configured properly and saved, the preseeded volumes will enter Delta Sync, avoiding the lengthier sync. Once that has finished, the volumes will again be in Protecting state.