For network load/security reasons, an Administrator would want to know how many TCP connections the VRA creates during its replication process.


Here are all VRA connections it creates during the replication process: ZVM – VRA control – 1 ZVM – VRA checkpoints – 1 The VRA – VRA connections are a full graph – all are connected to all. For each pair of VRAs: VRA1 -> VRA2 control – 1 VRA2 -> VRA1 control – 1 If there's a replicating volume between VRA1 -> VRA2 then will be also 8 data sockets (another 8 if there's also replication between VRA2 -> VRA1). So the formula is: Number of VRAs – N Number of pairs – P (=N*(N-1)/2) Number of replicating pairs – R (R<=P*2) Number of TCP connections = 2N+2P+8R Where 2N are connections inside the LAN and 2P+8R are over WAN.