The error is reported as a notification and pop-up message in DS-Operator (e.g. "DS-System on DS-System_Computer_Name is in Critical status. Some activities will be stopped when DS-System is in Critical status").

The DS-System encountered one of the errors displayed in DS-Operator > Setup > Critical Errors Monitoring, "Monitored Errors" tab.
To find out more about this feature, please check the DS-System user guide (operator.pdf document), "Monitoring Critical Errors" section.

To have all DS-System errors/events listed once and their count for a certain period:
In DS-Operator > Logs > Event Log, set the "from" field to the desired date (e.g. 1 month ago), then click on "Exclude", then on "Select".

DS-System can clear automatically most of errors related to invalid files, when such files are detected (e.g. by Autonomic Healing or System admin), they are automatically moved to trash (or just removed if trash is disabled), the backup set is marked out of sync, so that next scheduled backup will sync the set, and then send again the corrupted file if still available on the source (if the file has been changed on the source, it will be backed up as a new generation).


- if running Asigra v.13.0.0, ensure that the DS-System hot fix or higher is applied, it addressed the problem that the Critical Errors Monitoring does not work as expected (the statistics for monitored errors were incorrect and the notification / pop-up was sent/shown even if the number of errors were lower than the one configured in DS-Operator > Setup > Critical Errors Monitoring, "Monitored Errors" tab ).
Asigra v. and higher already has the fix included.

- reset the critical error monitoring (click the "Reset" button in DS-Operator > Setup > Critical Errors Monitoring, "Configuration" tab).