Errors during Hyper-V VSS backup set.
When trying to back up a Hyper-V VM via the VSS backup set the below errors might be reported.
The network name cannot be found. (\\Server_name\$) and "The parameter is incorrect. (getLocalPath - \\Server_name\$\)"
"The network name cannot be found" was reported due to socket connectivity loss between DS-Client application and the backup source (if you created the backup set via "Microsoft Windows Network" the backup source will still be accessed through network sockets), this can be caused by obsolete NIC drivers.
The parameter is incorrect. (FindFirstVolumeMountPoint)


The parameter is incorrect. (FindFirstVolumeMountPoint) means that there are multiple VSS calls on the same server. Confirm if you have any storage level backup solution or other backup solution calling on the same VSS needs.