DS-NOC additional installation and configuration requirements for viewing Office 365 (SharePoint Online) backup sets 

Use a DS-NOC running on a Windows Operating System.

SharePoint Online is a Microsoft product that requires additional software and configuration on the DS-NOC side. If you (the Service Provider) plan to use the DS-NOC with Office 365 (SharePoint Online) backup sets, then the DS-NOC server used must be running on Windows.

Listing SharePoint site collections in NOC
To list normal SharePoint site collections in NOC, the following must be installed on the computer running DS-NOC:
1. SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK:
o After installation, copy the following DLL to the JRE bin folder (Java Runtime which is used by Tomcat):
Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.Client.Tenant.dll (by default, it is found in ...Program Files\SharePoint Client Components\Assembles\Microsoft\)

Install and configure the following on the DS-NOC (Windows) computer:

To list the personal sites of Office 365 (SharePoint Online) backup sets in DS-NOC (for backup of one drive), the following modules are required on the DS-NOC server:
1. Windows Powershell 3.0, or higher.
2. Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant for IT Professionals RTW:
3. Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell (64-bit version):

1. Not all users have their own personal site. To check if a user has a "my site", go to SharePoint online portal > user profiles > manage user profiles, find the user and then you can see if the user has a personal site.
2. DS-Client uses the SharePoint online 'global admin' to backup SharePoint online sites. By default, the 'global admin' cannot access user's personal site. To backup these personal sites, the 'global admin' will be added as an 'admin' to the personal sites by the DS-Client.
3. On the SharePoint admin center select the Site Collections. Place a check mark one site at time and select the owners to define the owners of the selected site collection. Then you must add the user accounts that will be used to do the SharePoint backup sets to the Site Collection Administrators. Site Collection Administrators are given full control over all Web sites in the site collection. They may also receive site use confirmation mail. Enter users separated by semicolons.