Recovered VMs do not boot successfully after a recovery operation (test failover/live failover/move)



Some vendors, offer applications as a whole VM package, which you simply deploy in your virtual environment.
Those VMs tend to be modified specifically for the applications and include boot dependencies that are encountered after a recovery operation.

For example, IBM’s WebSeal, is an appliance deployed as-is, and it’s kernel was modified by IBM, to look for a CD-ROM attached to the VM, while booting.
In the absence of this CDROM, WebSeal’s boot fails, and recovering this machine will always result in a failed to boot recovered VM because Zerto Virtual Replication, does not support attached devices, such as CD-ROM and USB.


If the VM protected by Zerto Virtual Replication has a boot dependency for devices such as CD-ROM, Zerto recommends writing a post-script that, post recovery, will attach the device to the machine. For example, in the case of WebSeal, write a post-script that, post recovery, attaches an empty IDE CD-ROM device.

Affected versions:

VMware, Hyper-V