FOT for a VPG will fail with the following error:

Zerto:Protection group failover test. Failure.
Failed: VM DATA01 – testing recovery could not
be created Message: A specified parameter was
not correct. configSpec.bootOptions.bootOrder.
Fault: Vim25Api.InvalidArgument.



One or more VMs in the failed over VPG has CDROM drive set as first in boot order configuration of the VM.
Zerto in general does not support failing over CDROM drives in the failed over VMs.

Please note: If in the failed over VMs the CDROM drive will be set not as first in boot order, the FOT will succeed but the machines will be failed over without the CDROM drive.


Remove the CDROM drives from VM boot order configuration. In order to do so, please refer to the following VMWare and Microsoft KBs respectively:

Affected versions:
All versions