An administrator may encounter situations where the password for the vCenter user configured for use by the Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) has been unexpectedly changed.  This article explains the effects on the ZVM of such a password change.


When the password for the vCenter user configured for use by a ZVM is changed, assuming no disconnects or restarts, there is no immediate effect.  Starting with Zerto Virtual Replication 3.1, the ZVM will periodically check the connection to vCenter to avoid problems that could arise from such a situation.


Once the ZVM detects that the password is no longer valid, an alert will be triggered with the following format:


"The connection between site 'X' and the vCenter Server 'X' at '192.168.X.X' is down. Some VMs in VPGs might not be protected (for example, if a vMotion was used to move a VM or the VPG was syncing with the recovery site)."


In addition, when accessing the Zerto GUI access, the user is prompted with the following dialog:


When not using the Zerto GUI, and for versions prior to Zerto Virtual Replication 3.1, you can configure the ZVM with the updated credentials as follows:
  1. Open a console or RDP session to the machine where Zerto Virtual Replication is installed.

  2. Open the Zerto Diagnostics utility.

  3. Choose "Reconfigure Zerto Virtual Manager".

  4. Make the necessary password change, and continue through the prompts to re-configure the ZVM.