When specifying the Computer Name on a Windows machine to be longer than 15 characters, an error message is displayed. Despite the error, the change is still performed.  Although Windows will allow names greater than 15 to be specified, this causes problems in vCD.  When a vCD VM is marked as being re-IP'd in Zerto, the computer name must be provided in order to deliver the re-IP customization package through vCenter and VMware Tools.  


Zerto Virtual Replication receives this information from the VM itself via VMware Tools. The retrieved computer name is then specified as the NETBIOS name in the customization package, which has a character limit of 15 for use within vCD.


If the Computer Name retrieved is greater than 15 characters, the Zerto Re-IP operation will fail with the following error:

To learn more about Computer Name conventions and limitations.


  1. Set the computer name to be 15 characters or fewer.
  2. Disable re-IP configuration for the VM in the VPG settings.