In order for Zerto to fully interact with vCenter, a user with the "Administrator" role on the vCenter object in the customer's vCenter must be specified during the installation of Zerto Virtual Replication.  If permissions change such that the user no longer has these privileges, another user with the Administrator role must be configured in the ZVM to maintain replication.  


Note: Zerto Virtual Replication adds a privilege subset to the main vCenter privilege hierarchy -- any user that wasn?t already granted the Administrator role would not automatically be granted those additional Zerto privileges.



To update the user Zerto Virtual Replication uses to access vCenter, follow these steps:

  1. On the ZVM VM, run the Zerto Diagnostic Utility (Start > All Programs > Zerto Virtual Replication > Zerto Diagnostics)
  2. Select "Reconfigure Zerto Virtual Manager", click "Next"
  3. Proceed to update the user name and password used to access vCenter.  
    • Note that this user must have the Administrator role on the vCenter object itself.
  4. Verify all configuration information, and continue through the reconfiguration
  5. After a user with appropriate permissions has been configured in Zerto, the license key should be accepted