The following errors or similar exceptions appear in a popup window when accessing the Zerto tab in the vSphere client:
1. You receive script errors when accessing the Zerto vSphere Plugin.
2. The vSphere Zerto tab interface may also work fine on one or more different computers.


In Zerto Virtual Replication 4.0 and greater, we redesigned the Zerto GUI with HTML 5 and JavaScript. This issue is caused by a JavaScript array (Uint8Array) that is unsupported by Internet Explorer 89 or lower.


1. Run vSphere client from a computer that has IE 10 or greater to verify that you can in fact access the Zerto vSphere Plugin. 2. Upgrade IE to 10 or greater on the machine running the vSphere client. 3. For new installations, make sure User Desktop Experience is installed on the ZVM machine (can be achieved through Server Manager -> Manage -> Add Roles and Features -> Features -> User Interface and Infrastructure -> Desktop Experience). Note: If upgrading IE, or installing the Desktop Experience, you must restart the vSphere client app for the changes to apply. In addition, clearing the IE cache and history, also helps resolve such issues.

Affected versions: