After expanding a protected volume to more than 2TB, the VPG status will change to “Needs Configuration”



As ESXi 5.5.x and 6.0.x do not support hot disk expansion above 2TB. (Volume expansion of a powered on VM)
The VRA on the target site, which can only perform a hot-expansion, will not be able to expand the disk. Therefore, the protected and mirror volumes will not match in size.



  1. Edit the affected VPG
  2. Take note of all the settings of the relevant VM and then remove it from the VPG (keeping recovery disks)
  3. Use the vmfstools command, as explained by the following VMware KB to expand the problematic disk to the exact same size as the protected volume:
  4. Re-add the VM to the VPG and set all disks to be preseeded. The VPG will go into a delta sync.

 Affected versions:
All versions

VMWare (ESXi 5.5.x, ESXi 6.0.x)