When initiating a Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) recovery operation, such as a Live Failover, or a Move, the recovery VM is assigned a MAC address for each NIC.  These MAC addresses can be identical to those of the protected VM, which is the default behavior, or new MAC addresses can be generated upon recovery.

If the MAC address is already assigned on the recovery site, or the if the MAC address is of the form 00:0c:29:x:x:x (a legacy address range, a reference for which is available in VMware?s ?Setting a static MAC address for a virtual NIC? KB article), the operation will fail with the following error:

Failed. (Failed setting VM vm-xxx to power state On Message: Failed to start the virtual machine. Fault: Vim25Api.GenericVmConfigFault.)Protection group move before commit. Failure

Note: starting with ZVR 3.5, the recovery operation will not fail, however the recovery VMs will remain powered off.


In order to avoid a MAC conflict, it is recommended to test the VPG and if necessary configure NICs in the VPG to be assigned with a new MAC address upon recovery, as follows:

  1. Test each VPG to verify that the same MAC address can be used. If the test is successful, you don?t need to continue. If the test is not successful continue with this procedure.

  2. For the VPG that requires a new MAC address, select Actions > Edit.

  3. Highlight the relevant VM and choose ?Configure?.

  4. Within the "Configure VM" screen, highlight the relevant NIC and choose "Configure selected NIC".

  5. Within the "Configure VNIC "screen, under the ?Failover/Move? and ?Failover Test? tabs, check "Create New MAC Address".