RabbitMQ is a free AMQP server that can be used for Zerto-vCD integration. In the event that AMQP configuration doesn't go according to plan, having an insight as to the queues and exchanges setup in RabbitMQ is desirable. This can be accomplished by enabling the RabbitMQ web-based GUI.


To enable the RabbitMQ web-based GUI, follow these steps:


1.  Launch RabbitMQ Command Prompt (Start > All Programs > RabbitMQ Server > RabbitMQ Command Prompt) 2.  Run the following command:   

4.  The GUI is available at: http://server-name:15672/mgmt     credentials = guest / guest


Note: for RabbitMQ versions prior to 3.x, the GUI is available at: http://server-name:55672/mgmt