An AMQP server is required for Zerto Virtual Replication-vCloud Director integration. For a Windows-based AMQP server, Zerto recommends using RabbitMQ, a free open source product which runs on Erlang/OTP runtime. Prior to Zerto Virtual Replication installation in a vCD environment, the Zerto Virtual Replication AMQP installer, along with Erlang/OTP and RabbitMQ installers, must be run.   When installing Zerto Virtual Replication and configuring the Cloud BC/DR portion of the Zerto installer, an administrator may come upon a situation where the installer is unable to verify appropriate connectivity, even after having gone through all relevant installation steps. In this event, an administrator can install the RabbitMQ GUI and check the exchanges that have been created.  


Note: Be sure that Erlang/OTP R15B02 (not R15B02) is used during initial installation ? version R15B02 has a known bug that interferes with RabbitMQ services creation.


To enable the RabbitMQ web-based GUI, refer to the Install RabbitMQ GUI solutionOnce the RabbitMQ GUI has been installed, proceed with the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verify that the Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) is unable to connect to the AMQP server
  2. Verify that the IP address credentials for the AMQP are correct
  3. Verify that there is no proxy (either in Internet Explorer?s LAN settings, or DNS settings) that might be blocking the connection
  4. Login to the vCD interface > Administration > Blocking Tasks > Settings - verify AMQP Broker Settings are configured properly via the "Test Connectivity" button


The Zerto Virtual Replication AMQP installer attempts to create an exchange in RabbitMQ named "VCD" - check to see whether the exchange is listed properly:

  1. Login to the RabbitMQ web-based GUI (http://server-name:15672/mgmt   credentials = guest / guest)
    • For versions of RabbitMQ prior to 3.x, the GUI is available at: http://server-name:55672/mgmt 
  2. Click the "Exchanges" tab
  3. If the exchange "VCD" does not exist, create it manually, and attempt to proceed through the AMQP section of the Zerto Virtual Replication installer again.