While using Zerto Virtual Replication, an administrator may need to gather logs for support analysis, while the Zerto Virtual Manager service is not behaving normally.  In this instance, the administrator can gather local Zerto Virtual Manager logs via the Zerto Diagnostics utility for analysis.  This article explains the procedure for doing so.


To gather local Zerto Virtual Manager logs via Zerto Virtual Replication Diagnostics, follow these steps:




Gather Local Zerto Virtual Manager Logs:

  1. On the machine running Zerto Virtual Replication, go to Start > All Programs > Zerto Virtual Replication > Zerto Diagnostics.
  2. Select Local Zerto Virtual Manager diagnostics, then click Next.
  3. A Local Collection Confirmation dialog box appears - click Yes.
  4. In the Select Destinations screen, you may specify a specific local destination where the log bundle will be generated, and by default Automatically Upload Files to Zerto FTP Server will be selected.  Be sure to select the appropriate server for upload, depending upon your location.  Once these choices are made, click Collect.
  5. The logs are gathered and combined into an archive and uploaded to the selected FTP server.