Configuring a VPG includes specifying a Journal CDP History, which is the time for which checkpoints will be kept in the journal, prior to being applied to the target volume.  If for some reason the journal contains less than 75% of the CDP history specified in the VPG's configuration, an ?Error? level alert is displayed.  If the journal contains less than 85%, then the alert is a ?Warning? level alert. 


Note: The alerts are not issued during initial replication, when the journal is being filled.


Some circumstances under which these alerts are issued:


  • Resource limitations due to a WAN slowdown/outage or a storage IO problem may result in the journal not being able to queue up enough checkpoints to meet the CDP History.
  • The CDP History may be increased to a point where the current queue of checkpoints is less than 75% or 85% of the new configuration.

It is important to note that despite these alerts, this issue does not affect the recoverability of the affected VPG and the alerts will turn off automatically once the situation is resolved.


Note: If these alerts appear on a regular basis, contact Assurestor Support.