When using an ICDR (hosting) where both protected and recovery ZVMs are managed by the Zerto Cloud Manager (ZCM).
When a VPG was created, not all the protected resources were added to the ZORG. This will generate an error both at the VPG creation and in the ZVM and ZCM UI after the VPG was created.
Once all the relevant resources will be added, the alert will be gone. 


When a new VPG is created, an alert of "VPG outside of ZORG" will be displayed when saving the VPG.
The alert is VPG0035, and the alert message template will be as follows:

VPG outside of ZORG.
VPG {vpg_name} has protected resources which are not assigned to ZORG {zorg_name}.
Move the protected resources to the ZORG or change the VPG organization.
resources: {list_of_resources}

Alerts in the ZVM UI:

Alerts in the ZCM UI:

Root Cause

When in an ICDR scheme (hosting) scenario, both protected and recovery ZVMs are being managed by the Zerto Cloud Manager (ZCM). In such a situation, you must add all relevant resources under the ZORG's resources, both the protected and recovery site resources.
If not all resources were added, the ZVM will display an alert, with the missing resources.


Make sure that the Zerto Cloud Manager (ZCM) is managing both the protected and the recovery ZVMs.
In order to resolve this issue, log into the ZCM, and performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the relevant ZORG.
  2. Click the vCenter Resources\vCD Resources.
  3. Add all the relevant resources from both the protected and the recovery sites. In vCD resources, this will be the protected Organization.
  4. Check that the alert is not showing up anymore.

Affected versions:
All Zerto Versions.