An administrator needs to understand the load balancing imposed by Zerto.
Note:  Recovery volumes are stored with a specific directory structure, with which the administrator needs to be familiar.


In a vCloud Director (VCD) environment, Zerto allows the user to choose a target storage profile for replication, from the storage profiles available to the org VDC selected. Given that some of the datastores within the storage profile may not be available for replication, the following process occurs: For each VM, the datastore with the most free space is selected, after meeting the following criteria:

1. The datastore is a part of the selected Storage Profile 

2. The datastore has been marked for recovery in the Configure PVDC dialog 

3. The datastore is visible to the chosen recovery host. Zerto selects a recovery host from the list of hosts in the Provider VDC 

4. There is enough free space to contain all volumes of the VM, as VCD does not allow VMs to span across datastores.

Affected versions:
All versions - VMWare vCloud Director