An administrator needs to locate a specific recovery volume in order to work with functions such as preseeding.


Note:  Recovery volumes are stored with a specific directory structure, with which the administrator needs to be familiar.


The following datastore browser view outlines the directory structure of recovery volumes:

Note the following:

  • The Target Host VRA is the name of the VRA hosting the specified VM in the VPG screen
  • The Owner ID is the "instanceUUID" assigned to the host in the vCenter database
  • The vCenter ID is an internal reference ID assigned to the VM in the vCenter database

Note: this structure may change in the future.

Additionally, if a VPG has been deleted, and the "Keep the target disks at the peer site" option is selected, their location will be listed in the Audit report (available via Reports > Audit).  The information will be listed under the "More" option, for the "Remove VM From VPG and keep disk" event.