This document summarises the DS-Client capabilities to backup and restore online Oracle databases.


On a scheduled or an on-demand basis, the DS-Client will instruct the Oracle’s Recovery Manager (RMAN) to access the Oracle Server via IP (LAN, WAN, etc) and use the Oracle-supplied functions to perform a database backup (through Pipe or using dump files). The data is then compressed, encrypted and transmitted to the DS-System. The first time this action is performed, the entire database is dumped and transmitted (creating a 'master'). During subsequent backups, only the changes are transmitted (creating a 'delta'). The DS-Client never accesses the Oracle database data files directly and therefore, there is never an issue with open and locked database files. The database does NOT have to be taken offline to perform the backup.


During the Oracle server backup (as with all backups), the database credentials (sysdba username and password) are entered and stored in the DS-Client database, using AES128 encryption. The backup data is encrypted with a security algorithm that is secure up to AES-256 (256-bit) with a private key known only by you (the customer). Your Service Provider will never have access to this information. The DS-System uses a one-way hash to validate encryption keys, however the hash cannot be used to recover the encryption keys.


Items available for backup/restore
  • individual tablespaces
  • control file
  • archived logs
  • Whole database backup:
     - Backup all items (individual tablespaces, control file, and archived logs) in one oracle database backup set.
     - Create a file system backup set to backup only init<sid>.ora and pwd<sid>.ora.

Options for backup
  • Logical Corruption Check
  • Backup Only Current Archived Logs
  • Truncate Transaction Logs

Possible items to restore

  • Original restore (restore to the original Oracle server)
     - individual tablespaces
     - control file + tablespaces + archived logs
     - Whole database (including files init.ora & pwd.ora)
  • Alternate restore (restore to another Oracle server)
     - All possible options in Original restore
     - Restore only the dump files
  • Options for restore:
     - Restore only dump files
     - Create temp tablespace