If you need to re-install an original 32bit DS-Client deployment to a new 64bit version you can use the following process to ensure you maintain your original job configuration, logs and backup data.



  1. Go to Setup | System Activities, click the ‘Run Now’ button for daily admin to ensure latest DB is backed up to the cloud.
  2. Uninstall DS-Client from the existing 32bit server, you should also uninstall the DS-Client SQL instance where applicable.
  3. Download 64bit DS-Client setup (and 64bit DS-Client Service Pack setup files if applicable) from the NOC portal to the new 64bit server that will host the DS-Client service.
  4. Download the associated customer CRI file from the NOC portal.
  5. Run DS-Client setup, use downloaded CRI and ensure that the same encryption settings and keys are used, at the end of the installation un-tick all options so that the Service and DS-User do NOT start.
    If applicable run the DS-Client Service Pack setup, this will backup DB and then finish. Leave both tick boxes selected so that the service is started and the DS-User is launched.
  6. Wait for a minute or two, the DS-Client should connect to the cloud (you should see a daily admin job appear in the status window at the bottom of the client) and then do an in-place hotfix upgrade if applicable. The DS-User will report it has lost connectivity once the upgrade is complete.
  7. Start the DS-User you should be prompted update the DS-User (if this fails most likely down to UAC and permissions. Copy the file app_dsu_xx.x_x_x_inst.win32.exe  from the C:\Program Files\CloudBackup\DS-Client\app_upgrade_cache to C:\Temp and rename with a .exe extension. Run the file with the following syntax app_dsu_xx.x_x_x_inst.win32.exe "C:\Program Files\CloudBackup\DS-Client" this will update the DS-User and start it). You should now see a new (blank) DS-User environment and have the backup wizard pop-up.
  8. Go to Setup | System Activities, click on the Repair DS-Client Databases button and select DS-Client & delta databases, this will download the databases and then state restart the service to complete the restore.
  9. Close the DS-User and from services stop and then start the DS-Client service. Wait for 1 minute (to allow SQL to restore the databases).
  10. Start the DS-User and you should have the DS-Client back as it was prior to being uninstalled from the original 32bit server. All backup jobs and logs should be available.

If you experience issues after performing step 9 this can be caused by the automated SQL restore process failing. Check the windows 'Application' event logs to confirm if a restore failure occurred. If this is the case please raise a ticket for support.